We offer various entertainment and scenarios for interesting birthday parties. We will welcome your guests with snacks and a glass of aperitif. If you wish and choose the cooking entertainment together, the professional chef will invite you to cook in the open kitchen or on the grill. For some guests we are happy to offer tastings of various drinks with professionals or mix of entertainment. We will have a separate play area for the little ones.

ČIOP ČIOP will take care of your holiday from A to Z. So all you have to do is:

  • Decide on a birthday script
  • Choose the sweetest chef for your heart
  • Choose the most delicious kitchen menu in the world

We will offer you:

  • Birthday organization from A to Z.
  • Tailored quality drinks
  • Photo / Video services
  • Decor services
  • DJ and live music
  • Bartender services.


If you have already chosen a place for the celebration - ČIOP ČIOP will come to it as well. We will bring all the necessary equipment, manufacture and arrange it. You will only have to celebrate, and after the birthday in the morning you will not meet the mountain dishes.


Our team has four years of experience organizing children’s summer camps, so we really know how to take care of your little ones!

For small chefs we offer:

  • Cooking lessons
  • Biscuit decoration
  • Cupcake bakery
  • The subtleties of Italian pizza
  • Production of decorations
  • Creativity classes
  • Friendly and unobtrusive environment
  • Only fresh and child-friendly products